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Scott Mantelman

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USTA Certified Tennis Coach

I'm Scott Mantelman, your USTA certified tennis coach. I've helped hundreds of people from kids, to adults, to nationally ranked players grow their game. Whether you're a total newbie, a seasoned athlete, or a parent seeking lessons for your kids, I always offer a Free Assessment Session where you can get a feel for my coaching style and see if we're a good fit. During this first session together, I'll get the chance to assess where you're at and identify the parts of your game we'll need to work on. 


The Process

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1. Assess

The first step to any good long-term lesson plan is assessing where you stand right now. Before we move forward with lessons, we'll take some time to examine your serve, approach, rallying, court awareness, athletic ability, and your competitive mindset. And remember, your first Assessment Session is always free!

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2. Make a Gameplan

Whether you're a total beginner or a seasoned athlete, a gameplan is always key. Once we've finished your Free Assessment Session, We'll create your personalized gameplan that will guide your progression from lesson to lesson. In that gameplan, we'll isolate your weak spots and set realistic goals to improve them accordingly.


3. Perfect, Practice, Perform!

During each lesson, we work together to attack your weak spots one by one until we've hit all the goals in your personalized gameplan. Once you've crushed your goals, we'll re-assess and come up with a new plan for the months ahead and get back into it. 

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4. Athletic Advancement

Tennis is a physical game, but the mental side of it is just as crucial. Regardless of whether you're at the level of playing competitive matches or still just learning how to serve, you'll no doubt face hurdles. We'll work hard to handle things with a level head and a kind-hearted laugh. . 

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What Level Are You?

Red Ball

For younger beginners under the age of 7, I use a foam ball on a smaller 36' court (quarter court) along with LOTS of jokes and games.

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Orange Ball

With younger intermediate players, roughly ages 7-9, I use a softer ball on a 60' court and plenty of high-fives.   

Read More >

Green Ball

Older beginners and children over 10 move up to the big courts! 72' and green balls, which are still less firm than the yellows. 

Yellow Ball

This level encompasses tournament and collegiate players.  We really breakdown your game and how we can improve it.

Book Your Introduction Assessment Session!

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The assessment is a way for you to see if my coaching and your learning style are the right fit. In this session, I'll assess your tennis level and help you understand the next steps to improve your game. 

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