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Scott Mantelman

President of BOSS Tennis

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I've taught upwards of 1000 players — from beginners to advanced — through one-on-one coaching, group sessions, and tennis camps. In my experience, I've become a technical coach and know how to isolate, tweak, and completely overhaul both the smaller and larger aspects of your tennis game if needed. On top of that, I believe the mental side of tennis is equally as important to a long and fulfilling fun career on the court. 

More About Me and My Credentials

I'm a United States Tennis Association (USTA) Certified Tennis Pro. This hard-earned certification means that I know how to assess your game; break your serve, stroke, rallying, and approach shots. Once analyzed, we can work on an actionable gameplan. Lastly, I will implement the progressions, drills, and exercises that will help execute that gameplan!

Not only does this certification help me, but my experience coaching at multiple high-end facilities, working with countless players young and old, and running camps has given me a firm grip on coaching. My philosophy is that tennis and a competitive mindset is a life-long skill that enriches your life for years to come. Most of all, I bring out your love of the game so you truly have fun!

I truly enjoy sharing my love for the game and I always hope I can inspire students to keep playing, to never give up, and to remember to have fun every day, on and off the court. That's what being an instructor means to me: having a love for the game and keeping a great attitude through it all. 

Collegiate Career

I played for Pima Community College as an Aztec! The coaching I received there and the ​competitive experience was invaluable. Also, this is where I really started to understand the importance of the mental side of tennis as well as the long-standing relationships the game can give you. The toughness, attitude and focus I learned at Pima are things I'll carry with me throughout my life both on and off the court. Not only that, but they are things I strive, and will always strive, to instill in my students. 

          About Me

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I started playing tennis at a young age and my parents always encouraged me to keep at it. Whether playing opponents or my brother, from the very beginning, it was clear I had a love for competition. I moved out to Arizona in pursue a career as a top tennis professional.


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